The 51 Percent Project is named for the growing majority of people who are concerned about global warming and want to do something about it. Encouraged, informed, and active, this cohort can significantly accelerate a swift transition to clean energy. They are a large-scale, untapped, game-changing solution to climate change.

Our research is grounded in peer-reviewed climate change communications and behavioral science, informed by financial market drivers and public opinion data. Based at Boston University’s Institute for Sustainable Energy.

Founding Director, Sarah Finnie Robinson.

climate communications: Playlist of Principles


Example of the day

Last week's spike in arctic temps made possible this image of sled dogs wading through surface water melt. It’s a great photo to share because it shows how record sea ice melt is causing rapidly changing conditions for climate scientists.

“Our climate model simulations expect there to be a general decline in the length of the sea ice season around Greenland, [but] how fast and how much is very much dependent on how much global temperature rises.” — Ruth Mottram, climate scientist at the Danish Meteorological Institute.

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